This is a series of logically linked posts that detail how memes scale minds, how memes rule the world and how NFTs can hand meme power back to the people.

From zero to one, we visit culture, technology, media, art, psychology, neuroscience, economics and sociology — theory-of-everything style. The wide scope is ambitious but necessary to properly grasp just how significant memes and tokenised ownership (NFT) of them really are.

For convenience, each part is written to be readable in its own regard. That said, it goes without saying the full picture only appears when you connect all the dots.

(This is not a 101 explainer of NFTs. I took at stab at that in this post on Web3.)


0. Introduction

Setting the stage.

1. Split in two

The mind-body paradox as origin of human culture.

2. Survival of the catchiest

Memes: self-multiplying brain worms.

3. Memechanics

How media scale the mind into civilisation, now also digital.

4. Mind LEGOs

Composable, remixable, compoundable building blocks for culture, technology and identity.

5. We are our memes

How memes program brains.

6. Attention wars

The competition for recognition.

Interlude: Death by press

How the printing press murdered God.

7. Copy function

The interdependence of technology and culture.

8. Meme capitalism (I)

How memes allocate attention and money.

9. Meme capitalism (II)

How memes allocate attention and status (and power).

10. Free markets for memes — Forthcoming

The decentralisation of culture.

This series is a work in progress. Parts are released as I write them. Subscribe to get notified.



How memes run the world and how NFTs hand meme power back to the people.

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