Are crypto people on to the next big thing and did you miss the boat? Are they about to lose everything in the latest get-rich-quick scheme?

From the outside, crypto looks a lot like a casino. Its mechanics reveal something far more exciting: the blockchain.

Here's a question. What do you trust more?

  • Institutions like banks and governments.
  • Internet platforms like Facebook and Uber.
  • Mathematics.

There's a history lesson in there.

Human societies first integrated when institutions allowed two strangers to do business by acting as trusted third parties. Then, the Internet replaced middlemen with monopolistic digital platforms. Now, blockchains use cryptography to get rid of intermediaries altogether. They unlock self-governing economic networks that make rulers obsolete and scammers impossible – through code.

Blockchain networks usher in a "new" Internet: web3.

This post helps you get web3 in one take

It uncovers:

  • what web3 is, why we need it and how it works
  • what cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum have to do with it
  • how to get started with web3
  • web3 use cases: DeFi, NFTs, DAOs, social tokens, play2earn, the Metaverse

It's a thoughtful attempt to demystify the blockchain as a tool for building better societies.

If you let me be the one crypto friend you listen to, you'll learn why web3 ís the next big thing. You'll care not because it'll make you rich, but because it can propel humanity forward and makes us all richer in the process. Also: you didn't miss the boat. It's still early.



Short history of the web

From nuclear cybersecurity to digital oligarchy.

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